Thursday, 25 August 2011

vintage case

Hey everyone! So here are a few pictures from around my bedroom. I mentioned in a earlier post about a vintage case that i bought - here's an image. Its a bit battered but i really like that, the stickers are so cool, i love it. I'll be using it for putting memories in.
Today was results day, i've posted a picture of my results. I'm so so happy i got an A* in RE and A in science. I also passed my English functional skills too! I was so worried i didn't get to sleep till 3 in the morning, but the worrying was for nothing.
The next picture is just a little collage i made to stick on my wall. I collected the images from my own tumblr, if you like to check it out its
Lastly are a few pictures from my room, showing my fashion books, magazine collection and make up!
Don't forget to check out my items on Ebay, some are ending very soon! I'll also be putting One Tree Hill boxset 1 and 6, The OC season 2 and the hills season 1,2,3. So check them out!


  1. Thank you so much for following my blog :) I am now your newest follower

  2. I love vintage! I collect antique books.

  3. Congrats on passing :)
    How are you?!

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    Thank you :)

    xoxx Monica

  4. THAT CASE IS AMAZING! What vintage shop did you get it from? xxx