Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sorry i've not posted in a while!

Hey guys! I feel really bad i haven't posted in a few days. I've just been so busy. So this weekend i got my first job at a local hairdressers, which im exited to start. Then I had to go in to talk about what days i can work and when i can go in to learn what to do - so that's tomorrows job. Also tomorrow is results day, i have  2 GCSE results to pick up and im pretty nervous. Today i've been chilling with my friends which was nice to see them - everyone's been so busy this holidays its been hard to make time. Yesterday i went to this really cute place called Saltaire its like an old English town and the massive mill has been turned in to a gallery and shops, which are really nice to look at. Oh, and they have an amazing selection of fashion books i spent ages looking through, sadly i didn't purchase any though.

I've watched a few films this week and they may interest some of you guys so i thought i'd just mention them. The first was 'Lullaby for pi' which was such a cute film, i don't really know how to describe it without giving to much away. Its basically about a guy who lost his wife and then he meets Pi, who at first seems a bit weird then towards the end you understand why and its such a good story. Also its got loads of great music in it, i really recommend this film for anyone that likes a good love story.  
The second film was called 'Flipped' I don't know if this is everyone's taste but i thought it was very cleverly made. There's a teenage girl and boy and they narrate their lives and you see there perspective on situations that happen in the film. Again its a love story, but not your typical one. I really enjoyed this film, the actors were great and the story was a really nice way of looking at a love story. 

If you guys have seen either of these films let me know what you think. I promise to do one of my usual posts soon! 

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  1. Gahh! Such a cute outfit you put together!
    I want all of it haah if only i had the money ! grr hehehe