Saturday, 6 August 2011

i'm back

Hey guys! So its been ages since i last posted so i will do a couple of posts today. I had a great holiday my family and i went to Wales for 2 weeks, the weather has been great and we've been out on our boat pretty much every day discovering new beaches and bumping into seals. We also got joined by my grandparents and my 5 year old cousin for a few days and it was lovely to see them too. Here i've just posted a little outfit of the day picture, i was supposed to be going shopping with 2 of my friends we didn't hear from one and decided not to bother. The last picture is just a few things that i entertained myself with while being in a caravan for 2 weeks with no laptop! Hope everyone's having a great summer so far. 


  1. Funny I couldn't comment in the post above! I absolutely adored the magical images that you posted about Venice... it is one of my favourite places on earth. Once you are there the whole world stays behind... Ahhh now you made me long for it again!


  2. Nice scarf. I always wanted to get the Coco Chanel book, is it any good?

    x Dag

  3. Venice sounds amazing, i want to go even more now!

    Thank you, its my mums hehe.
    Yeah its good, i got it because i love Chanel and after watching the film Coco before Chanel i wanted to learn more about her. Some points the book goes a bit off the subject of Coco and its a little confusing a parts, but if you like Coco Chanel then i recommend it :)