Wednesday, 16 November 2011

first dress i made myself

Okay, so by no means is this dress that good but i was pretty pleased with it, as it was the first dress i made myself. The fabric was just the first half decent i found and i was just experimenting. I actually really enjoyed making this dress, even though its a little to wide and a little to short - i was pleased with the outcome. Please let me know what you think, if i make any more clothing i'll be sure to post a picture and maybe i will have made some progress!


  1. That dress is VERY cute! -Jessica

  2. Too wide and too short? The belt takes care of the wideness and some tights and boots will take care of the rest. Job well done. I wish I could sew :(

  3. I think its so cute! Love it. Must feel so amazing to wear something you made yourself. I've been meaning to get a sewing machine and teach myself to make things, must be so much fun.