Sunday, 16 October 2011

recent purchases

Backpack - ebay, shoes - primark, bag - topshop, skirt - h&m, cross top - im afraid i cant remember the website (sorry!), shirt - h&m, top - h&m, top - miss selfridge
Here are some of my newest purchases! I haven't posted in a while and i've been shopping this weekend and last weekend so i just thought i'd post some pictures of my recent items and see what you all think. Very sorry about my absence lately, from going back to school i've had so much school work to do and know i have a job its been really hard to find time to blog! This again is a very short post but i hope to hear what you think about my clothes, feel free to ask any questions :)

Poppy xxx


  1. wow! love that backpack and that h&m top! too cool! x

  2. I really love that dark brown satchel and the shooties!- Jessica

  3. That sequined top is too gorgeous! I'm dying over the cross t-shirt and the skirt too.

  4. I loved the shoes...nice..