Monday, 18 July 2011

Young Hollywood


I'm loving this Young Hollywood collection by style stalker. I chose some of my favourite images from the collection more are available here. I love the slightly grungy 90's style of these clothes and to me they seem a little boyish with a femine twist - i don't know if anyone else agrees. I think the title of this collection is great because the clothes portay the girl who's modelling the collection to be an 'IT girl' and confident - i suppose that's what we think of when we think 'young Hollywood.' The stylestalker blog is great and well worth checking out i've added a link above. 
I'm currently in my last week of school before year 10 - which i'm so exited for! At my school once you reach year 10 you get a black blazer rather than the disgusting green colour we have in year 7,8 and 9 so that's a little thing people are looking forward to. I had a really busy week last week with watching some friends in the summer show (which went on for 3 hours!!!) but they were great, then it was my mums birthday and she went away so i was at my grandmas, then my laptop broke. But all is well now and i'm looking forward to the summer holidays and i'm hoping for england to be really hot for a change! 


  1. this is lush, i want to live her life!

    Helen, X

  2. Oh me too, shes gorgeous and so are her clothes! Lovely blog by the way - you've got a new folllower!
    Poppy x